UK Winters in A Garden Can Be A Wonderland – Winter Gardens

Winters in the UK can turn out to be very cruel. You don’t feel like stepping out of the house because of the weather. When you step out, you feel like you were better inside your home. Sitting inside your house all day can make you sad and depressed. Even your garden doesn’t give you any peace and happiness because it’s not in its best shape. Not anymore, you can enjoy a very peaceful afternoon in your garden if you follow some small tips. Locking yourself inside your house and sitting depressed will be a thing of past now. Here are some tips which can turn your garden into a perfect Winter garden.

Clean Your Paving And Paths

As soon as the trees get bare, clear up the debris and the leaves. If you leave them for later on, you’ll find it much more challenging to clear them. Dry and crisp leaves are far easier to clean up that the soft and wet leaves. You can use a brush with soapy water to clean up the paving. It’ll make the pavement less slippery, which is always a danger in Wintertime. On the other hand, if you have a pressure washer, turn it on and clean up the garden.

Outdoor Lighting

Light is always an issue during winters as the sun comes out for a very little time. Also, Outdoor lighting can illuminate the garden at night time and provides you a cozy atmosphere. It is also a great tool to decorate your garden. Outdoor lighting during night time also flaunts your hard work with the trees, topiary, and sculptural elements. Spotlights are the best option for showcasing the little details of your garden, which not be visible during natural light.

Prepare For Snow

There aren’t many things which are more devastating for the plants than the snow. Snow can damage the plants and trees very severely and even kill them if it sits on the plants for an extended period. Be alert when there is any chance of snowfall. Don’t let the snow resting on the plants and trees. If you knock the snow off from the fresh and soft leaves, the damage won’t be as severe.

Green Garden In Winters

The most challenging thing to do in the winters is to keep your garden green and colorful. The Fall takes away all the greenery of the garden and leaves you feeling helpless. But it’s not something that you’ve to live with, in today’s world. Get shrubs which remain green all year long like the Phormium Tenax to keep your garden green. Cornus Sanguine is another perfect shrub for the winters, which gives a fire like shade to the garden. Inspect the whole lawn before the winters. Remove everything that you feel can harm the plants, especially most and thatch. It will provide the breathing space to the yard. Also, if the amount of moss is more than it should be, you might be having some drainage issues in your garden. Fix those issues before winter comes in.

winter garden
winter garden