The Best Bloggers for Gardeners to Follow in The UK

With the popularity and necessity of internet connectivity and smartphones, blogging has been one of the most common ways to share ideas and information. There are several kinds of blogs that could be found on the web and each of them caters to a specific theme or topic. Even in the field of gardening, there are already several established blogs that could be followed and read for updates and ideas on how to improve your skills as a gardener or create a more unique and inspired outdoor garden. Here is a shortlist of gardening blogs in the UK that should be followed by any enthusiastic gardener. 

Author Turned Blogger

Jane Perrone, the author, and namesake of the blog is quite accomplished in the field of gardening and in writing about it. Aside from being the author of the Allotment Keeper’s Handbook, she is also the gardening editor at the Guardian and co-presenter of the gardening podcast “Sow, Grow, Repeat”. Aside from articles and advice on indoor and outdoor gardening as well as her experiences in attending gardening shows, Jane’s visually pleasing blog is also the source of helpful lifestyle advice such as her post on finding uses for citrus skins.

Established Blogs

  • The Galloping Gardener – The Galloping Gardener combines the wanderlust of traveling and exploring marvelous gardens into one blog. Through professional photography and creative blogging, Charlotte, the Galloping Gardener, shares to her readers the wonders of the gardens she visited in the United Kingdom and all around the world. She is known to make features of both British and internationally-renowned gardens in her blog. 
  • Alternative Eden – The authors of Alternative Eden are Mark and Gaz and they write about a variety of gardening concerns like attending and documenting garden shows, collecting rare plants, and attending to issues of their exotic plant collection. Mark and Gaz earn plus points for readers in how they engage and respond to the audience of their blog. In addition to this, many viewers have become inspired by the pictures of their garden which was made under a “rainforest” theme.
  • Garden Visit – Like other gardening blogs, the Garden Visit covers a wide range of gardening topics in their posts and articles. However, a unique aspect of the blog is its focus on various British public gardens. The beauty of the gardens and the quality of plant life growing in them, as described in the blog, is really inviting to many serious gardening enthusiasts. The Garden Visit also provides its audience with information on the latest in landscaping trends and news from around the world.
  • The Patient Gardener – This blog is a product of the personal gardening experiences of Helen Johnstone. Her blog covers all kinds of gardening-related information like successes, innovations, and issues that Helen has encountered in her garden. Aside from the personal touch of this personal gardening blog, posts on upcoming events, lifestyle advice, and gardening tours will be very helpful for readers.
  • Fennel and Fern – Aside from covering gardening topics commonly sought out by gardening enthusiasts, the writers of Fennel and Fern mostly write about flowering plants that could be grown in gardens. In the blog, there are catalogs on individual flowers with a special section on wildflowers found in the country. Gardeners searching for specific, plant-based advice and tutorials would be very pleased with Fennel and Fern.