How to Set Up A Gardening Club on A Small Budget

Setting up clubs is one way of sharing your passion for something. If you love gardening and want to meet similar people who are as enthusiastic as you, starting a gardening club will allow you to enjoy your hobby together.

Thinking about the equipment and resources needed might leave you second-guessing your decision to start your club. This list of budget-friendly gardening club ideas below will convince you that you do not need to break the bank to get your club started.

Sharing and Seeds

Some plant seeds could be quite expensive, but you do not necessarily have to buy seeds for your club. One way to navigate the price of various plant seeds adding up is to set up a collective fund for your club, perhaps a monthly fee. From the pooled money, the club can buy seeds in bulk and share them among the members.Another way is to save the seeds from your own plants. You can agree with your members that extra seeds could be shared among one another. If you have children or new gardeners in the club, this would be an excellent way for them to learn about the life cycle of plants and their reproduction process.


From the name itself, freecycling means giving way unused or unwanted items to other people for free. If your new gardening club requires equipment and other materials, you can check out freecycling offers or venues in your community. There are also online posts and offerings of freecycle materials that you can find on the internet.

If you are not able to find any freecycling event that has the gardening materials you need, you can always organize your own freecycling drive and have your members and the community participate. You never know the kind of free treasures such as spades, buckets, or pots, that you will be able to find.

Do-It-Yourself Gardening Equipment

You might have found a lot of the smaller and cheaper equipment that you needed in the freecycling events, but there might be far difficult and expensive materials that you need to have. Instead of buying a used or second-hand $300 greenhouse online, you can consider making your own. It might take a lot of time, effort, and not to mention – 1,500 recycled green plastic bottles, but it would really be kinder to your savings and great for the environment.If you are growing plants almost the whole year round, such as during autumn and early spring, you might need cloche for your club garden. These are protective coverings for plants during the colder seasons. You can choose to make your own cloche out of hula hoops or plumbing pipes coupled with bamboo canes and horticultural fleece. For individual plants, recycled clear plastic bottles are also a good alternative. Their bottom parts needed to be cut and sanded down and the caps should be removed to give the plants some air. Some gardens have small spaces, or your soil might not be that fertile for growing plants. Raised beds are an excellent way of overcoming these issues, but kits to make them can be quite expensive. You can make your own with instructions online and some planks or timber.

Do-It-Yourself Gardening Equipment