Developing An Interest In Gardening in Children

With so many indoor distractions for children, it is hard for them to be motivated to go outdoors.

If it’s not school work that they’re busy with it is either other hobbies or going online to play games, chat with friends, or watch movies. Gardening is a great hobby for children to be involved in. It takes them outside and shows them how to care for nature and be responsible for their plants. Since younger children are more curious and love to play outdoors in the garden, it would be easier to make them fall in love with gardening. Here are a few suggestions on how to develop their interest in gardening.

Tips to Impress Children with The Benefits of Gardening

When the child has zero to limited experience in gardening, it is best to show them the ropes first. Teach them the process of cultivation from the beginning to the end.

  • Role models are the best way to teach children the know-hows of gardening. You can do this by having them accompany you first and have them be your little helpers in the projects in your garden.
  • Next, give your child their own space – a plot of land that they would be responsible for. You can allocate a small portion of your garden for this or reuse their sandbox as your child’s garden bed. Then, you can guide them in planting their own seeds so that they can witness the process and enjoy the wonders of plant life from the very beginning.
  • It is also important that as they learn gardening, they are allowed to use real tools. You can supervise them while they do so.
  • If they are having problems with their plant projects, you can lend them a helping hand with the more complex tasks like picking out slugs and other pests or turning the sprinklers on and off.
  • Other than planting, you can also make scarecrows together, especially during the autumn season.
  • Also, note that showing their work off to friends and family is great for increasing their confidence in gardening.

Easy Plants for Children to Grow

Not all crops may be suitable for child gardeners. Since they are just beginning their journey in gardening, plants that grow in a short time and need little care, as well as normal growing conditions, would be best.

  • Some vegetables and greens are very easy for children to grow in addition to teaching them about nutritious foods and salads.
  • They might also be encouraged to eat healthier if they have grown their own vegetables. Popular choices include radishes, lettuces, and potatoes, which are crops that are very easy to grow for 30 days or so.
  • Some vegetables may take up to 60 days or more like pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, carrots, and bush beans.
  • There are also easy flowering plants that they can cultivate. Nasturtiums are flowers that grow quickly and can encourage kids. They take 50 days before they bloom in various colors such as red, yellow, and orange.
  • Sunflowers are also another option as they can grow in about the same amount of time. Their seeds are edible or can be reused for replanting. Sunflowers are always a popular variety for kids.
Easy Plants for Children to Grow