Best Gardening Clubs to Join in the UK

To those who are fond of gardening, joining a gardening club would be the best way to help you explore gardening techniques and expand the horizon of your gardening efforts. There are various groups of gardening clubs around the United Kingdom, but it all depends on the niche in which you are passionate about. If you are interested in a particular species of plants and want to increase your knowledge, you will find that there are gardening clubs to cater to specific interests too. 

The best gardening clubs around the UK will give you all the knowledge required for propagating plant life. From the history of gardening, methods, and tactics, to tips on making your flower beds look outstanding, there is a wealth of knowledge that you can gain. Beginners who have newfound interest in gardening will be introduced to the variety of domestic and wild plant species they can choose to grow. Most of these clubs meet up every month, and host garden shows with a specialist to speak. In that way, members have an opportunity to interact with professionals and expand their network too. There are also freebies and benefits that are given to members of gardening clubs too. Here are a few of the best gardening clubs you would like to join in the UK.

Hardy Plant Society

With a history going back in 1957, it is a society with a total membership of around 10,000 people, and a massive club that covers England, Wales, and Scotland. It consists of over 40 local groups around the UK. This club is very informative and worth to buy a membership. Join and follow the annual national events, visit plant collection sites, or build your collection with this club.  

British Cactus and Succulent Society

If you are into succulents and cactus, this is the perfect club for you, with almost 3500 members and 90 local groups across the country. Although the majority of the members are males, it still a club to join despite your gender. Your involvement depends entirely on your preferences and interest in these fascinating plants. You can observe and learn from the experts on how to nurture a variety of these plants. Also, all members get a free copy of Cactus World magazines four times a year.

Garden Organic

This is one of the most prominent gardening societies in the country with a membership of 40,500 and 70 local groups. This is geared purposely for the organic garden enthusiasts. What’s fascinating about this club is that you get the benefit of seeking professional advice from Ryton Organic Gardens, the club’s headquarters, based near Coventry. In addition, the privileges of being a member include unlimited access to the Organic Gardens and several products with great discounts.

Alpine Garden Society

This is one of the best clubs when it comes to alpine plants. For those who are interested in alpine plants, this gardening club provides a plethora of alpine plant species for your alpine garden. They focus on educating members about the best ways of cultivation and help in promoting the preservation of their habitats. The club helps provide funding for conservation projects around the UK. Being a member of the Alpine Garden Society will give you accessibility to their informative quarterly publications.

Alpine Garden Society