Brewing Some Tea for Your Plants – All About Compost Tea

Compost tea

Compost tea is a drink made by pouring boiling water on to nourishing ingredients, enriched herbs for the garden plants to grow faster and healthier. Interestingly, compost beer could have been a better-suited name for the drink as the process of making it is more like fermentation. Compost tea makes it easier for the plants … Read moreBrewing Some Tea for Your Plants – All About Compost Tea

Protecting Plants During UK Winters

When living in a four seasoned country like the United Kingdom, you not only adapt to the seasonal changes but also are aware of any changes in the environment around you. For garden lovers, taking care of your plants through the seasons is critical to help your plants thrive. Although some plants are naturally adaptable to different seasons and climates, others would need reinforcement to get them through each season.

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Balconies and Gardens – Tips to Propagate Greenery in A Balcony

Living in the city usually means having a condominium or an apartment in tall buildings or skyscrapers. Living space might be a little limited, and gardening space may be slight or nonexistent. Do not let this discourage you as most often than not; you still have an outdoor space in your unit’s balcony. If you would like a flowering garden or a kitchen garden, you can utilize the outdoor space of your balcony to design and grow your miniature garden with imagination and creativity.

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Best Gardening Clubs to Join in the UK

To those who are fond of gardening, joining a gardening club would be the best way to help you explore gardening techniques and expand the horizon of your gardening efforts. There are various groups of gardening clubs around the United Kingdom, but it all depends on the niche in which you are passionate about. If you are interested in a particular species of plants and want to increase your knowledge, you will find that there are gardening clubs to cater to specific interests too. 

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