What will membership offer me, or my organisation?

By becoming a member with an annual membership fee of £1.00 per person you will be able to...


  • Share information and experiences with like minded members of similar organisations encountering the same difficulties.
  • Gain information on how to obtain funding for projects and how to access and fill in forms.
  • Be assured your views are being put forward and heard at meetings where important decisions about allotment and green spaces are made.
  • Obtain discounts at named outlets.
  • Become affiliated to Leeds Horticultural Society.
  • Participate in the annual social, trips and other events.


The officers of the Federation also represent self managed member sites at meetings with Leeds City Council.

We also have individual members on some city controlled sites such as Cobden Road and Lady Pitt Lane.


To join, simply print off & fill in the linked form.

Or else contact us.

To view the location of all member sites click on this link to a Google map.

Click on the site name below to discover more about the site and view pictures taken of the site.