About Us


We aim to:


  • promote and publicise allotment gardening
  • foster a spirit of help and co-operation among gardeners
  • retain existing allotment sites, encourage regeneration and provision of new sites
  • encourage and support local self-managed allotment associations and those considering self-management
  • give relevant advice and support to member sites and individuals


You may join as an individual allotment holder or gardener or as a group from self-managed or city controlled allotment sites

Representatives from each member site, plus individuals are welcome to attend our meetings to:

  • discuss allotment issues
  • share good practice and information
  • plan the year’s program of events

By paying a small annual membership fee to join the LDAGF you will:

  • altbe assured your views are being put forward and heard at meetings where important decisions are made concerning allotments and green spaces
  • share information and experiences with like-minded members of similar organisations
  • gain information on how to obtain project funding
  • have access to grants and loans from the Federation
  • obtain gardening discount or trade price at named outlets
  • be invited to participate in annual LDAGF events


Our constitution and rules

Application form


LDAGF officers for 2015 are:

Chair                     Paul Lattimer       chair.ldgf@gmail.com

Vice Chair              

Secretary               Steve Beales         secretary.ldgf@gmail.com

Treasurer                Gill Walsh           treasurer.ldgf@gmail.com

Publicity Officer       Phil Gomersall     publicity.ldgf@gmail.com